Document Management Overview

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The ArchiOffice Document Management system is a powerful part of the program. It provides you with the ability to quickly create new documents from professional templates, attach other existing files, and ensures that all documents for contacts and projects are organized in a central location on the file server. This also eliminates the error of you saving files to your local machines and misfiling documents in the wrong project folders.


Documents can be created for any contact or project. The documents appear on the Documents portal, which lists the chronological history of all files and is accessible to all users. You can use powerful filters to efficiently find particular documents within the portal.


A template is a document created by an ArchiOffice administrator in Word or Excel that contains pre-set information, which can contain both text and images. This allows documents between ArchiOffice users and their clients to be consistent and professional. It also saves time by eliminating the need for you to keep creating the same documents from scratch repeatedly.


ArchiOffice provides more than 70 pre-built document templates for common architectural needs. These templates are located in a Templates sub-folder found within the ArchiOffice Documents folder on the file server. These document templates can be customized to suit your needs. You can also use your existing templates and attach them to ArchiOffice, so you can continue to use your company templates. In addition, your templates can be customized with ArchiOffice fields so the contact/project data is automatically merged when you create these documents.


You can specify various templates in ArchiOffice. The system comes with a variety of standard template categories installed.


ArchiOffice Template Categories

Project & Drawing Information


Pricing & Bidding

Construction Administration








Another powerful document management capability is that you can take your existing document files and folders, and attach them to a project or contact record, or link an existing file or folder as well. This helps integrate your existing document management seamlessly with ArchiOffice. We recommend creating and managing your documents from within ArchiOffice because then you do not have to worry about linking the external documents to the right projects.