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This screen displays information on emails generated with ArchiOffice and synced into ArchiOffice from third-party email clients. The following information provides details on the fields and options available on the Email Info screen.




Sent On:

This field displays the date on which an email was sent.



This field displays the type of document (that is, email) you are viewing.



This field displays the project with which the email is associated.


Assign Contact:

This field displays the contacts associated with the email.



This field displays details on files attached to an email (e.g., PDF, Excel spreadsheet, etc.).


Email Detail:

Information on the recipients (that is, To, CC, and BCC) and sender (that is, From), subject line and body are displayed on this screen.


Change Project:

Click this button to associate a selected email with a new project number.



Click to respond to the sender.


Reply All:

Click to respond to the sender and also send emails to recipients that were copied on the email (that is, CC or BCC).



Click to forward the email to someone.



Click to close this window.


Button Panel




Select to go to the Document Search Request screen.



Select to refine your previous Find requests.



Select to delete the selected email.

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