How Do I Add Custom Reports?

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If ArchiOffice standard reports do not meet your needs you have the option of adding custom reports. These are created by the BQE Custom Reports department.

When the BQE Custom Reports department creates a report for you, you'll receive the custom report (*.rpt) and a text file (*txt) containing some SQL code. Locate these before beginning this process.

To add a customer report, do the following:

  1. Save the custom report (for example, CA-Time By Detail.rpt) to your server.

  2. In ArchiOffice, select Preferences from the master drop-down list.

  3. Open the Custom folder and click Reports.

  4. Click Add to select the custom report file (*.rpt).

  5. Click the Added check box to make the report available for printing and click Save.

  6. Edit the report title. By default, the report filename displays in this field. This title displays on the Reports screen.

  7. Enter descriptive details.

  8. Open the text (*.txt) file you received with the custom report and copy the SQL code into the Main Report SQL field.

  9. In the Category drop-down list select the category (for example, Time and Expense) in which the custom report will be located in the list of standard ArchiOffice reports.

  10. Select a base table, from the Base Table drop-down list. The base table to select is typically included with the SQL code the BQE Custom Reports department sends with the custom report. If this detail is not included, contact the Custom Reports Department for assistance.

  11. Click Save. The report is now available for printing in the Reports screen.