How Do I Add Project Default Tasks?

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You can create phase specific default tasks that need to be completed for a project. Tasks are added by phase and are broken down into types. The three default types are Administration, Documents, and Reports. Customized types can be added.


You can use these settings to set the number of hours to be spent on the task and assign an employee to complete the tasks. A large library of default tasks for the phases are provided. These can be loaded into new projects so they can be assigned to team members quickly.

Do the following to add project tasks:

  1. Select Preferences from the master drop-down list.

  2. Open the Project folder and click Tasks.

  3. Select the Use Tasks for Time on New Projects check box.

  4. Select a phase in the Phases section. Its related tasks display in the list below the phases list.

  5. Select a task type from the Type drop-down list (for example, Administration).

  6. Do one of the following:

  1. In the Task Details section, enter descriptive detail for the selected task.

  2. Allocate the number of hours for completing it.

  3. Designate the persons responsible for completing the tasks.

  4. Click Save.