How Do I Approve Time and Expenses?

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If the Time/Expense Slips Require Approval option is enabled for a project, then its time and expense entries must be approved before they can be billed.


Do the following to approve time and expense entries:

  1. Click Projects on the Navigation bar.
  2. Select a listed project.
  3. Click the Time/Expense tab and choose Time or Expense from the button panel.
  4. Select Unapproved from the Status drop-down field to filter the list.
  5. Select a listed time or expense.
  6. Select the Approved check box and click Save on the button panel.
  7. The Approve option only displays if the Time/Expense Slips Require Approval check box is selected on the Time/Expense tab.
  8. You can also approve or un-approve a batch of time and expenses by creating a Found Set in the Time/Expense List View and selecting Approve or Un-approve from the Update drop-down list on the screen.