How Do I Attach Existing Files and Folders?

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Do the following to attach an existing file or folder containing files to an existing contact or project record:

  1. Locate the contact or project record to which the documents will be attached, and click the Documents tab.

  2. Select New from the Action drop-down list on the Document button panel. The New Document screen displays.

  3. Click the Attach tab.

  4. Select an attach option:

  1. Click Select to browse to and select the source file or folder. Any file type can be attached.
  1. Choose the Document Date Option. You can use the current date/time or use the file or folder's creation date.

  2. Enter a document title, description, and if necessary, change the contact and project details.

  1. The selected folder/file has been added to the Documents portal. Select any item listed to open it from the file server in its native program.

  2. Click Create to designate where the new file should be stored (that is, in which folder and sub-folder).

  3. You can review file specific information by clicking Info on the document row.

  4. You can delete a specific file by clicking Delete on the portal row. Only privileged users can delete documents from ArchiOffice.

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