How Do I Create RFP Teams?

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Use the RFP-Teams preferences to build teams of employees to assign to RFPs, define team member roles and set billing rates. You can also specify whether or not team members can approve entries.


Do the following to create RFP teams:

  1. Select Preferences from the master drop-down list.

  2. Open the RFP folder and click Teams.

  3. Click Add in the Teams section.

  4. Enter a team name.

  5. Select the Active check box to make this team available for assignment.

  6. Select the Add check box if you want the team assigned to new RFPs by default.

  7. In the Members section, click Add to assign an employee to the team. A new line is added to the list of team members.

  8. Select the employee's name from the Member drop-down list.

  9. Select the employee's role from the Role drop-down list.

  10. Enter a value in the Bill Rate column to set the employee's billing rate.

  11. Select the Approve check box if this employee has that authority.

  12. Select the Active check box to designate the employee as an active team member.

  13. Click Assign Project to assign a selected team to a project. You can assign a team to a specific project or by project type.