How Do I Create Custom Document Templates?

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Do the following to create a customized document template:

  1. Open Microsoft Word and select File > Open from the menu.

  2. Browse to the Templates2016 folder on the ArchiOffice server and select an existing template (for example, Transmittal). The following is the default path: C:\ArchiOfficeData\2016\Templates2016.

  3. Modify the template as necessary. You can insert graphics (for example, company logo), change the font, change the font size, etc.

  4. The template contains merge fields enclosed by caret symbols (for example, <<ContactFullName>>). You can make as many copies of field code as needed and move the fields wherever you need to display information in the final document.

  5. To insert additional fields, open the New Merge Fields document located in the ArchiOffice Templates2016 folder (if it is not available there, please download it from ArchiOffice Support Downloads). This file lists all the fields available for use. Copy and paste the corresponding field into your customized template.

  6. Select File > Save As and save the document template with a new name (for example, My_Company_Transmittal.doc).

  7. Close the template and exit Microsoft Word.

  8. In ArchiOffice, select Preferences from the master drop-down list.

  9. Open the Documents folder and click Template.

  10. Select the folder in the Document Templates tree in which the new template will be added (for example, General).

  11. Click Add .

  12. Browse to and select the template you created.

  13. In the Template Details section, enter descriptive detail and configure the available settings as needed. See Preferences -Documents-Template for further detail on the available template settings. The template has now been added to the system and is ready for use.

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