How Do I Enter Employee HR Details?

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Apart from using ArchiOffice to manage projects, it can also be used to record details for Human Resources. An HR manager can enter employee details such as your employee number, start date with the firm and employment status. In addition, your photo and biography can be added. Your bio is used in generating project data and summary reports.


Do the following to enter or edit HR details:

  1. Select Preferences from the master drop-down list.

  2. Open the Users folder and click HR.

  3. Select an employee from the Users list.

  4. Enter the user's Employee Number.

  5. Enter the employee's Start and End date.

  6. Enter the Social Security Number.

  7. Make a selection from the Status drop-down list (Active, On Leave or Terminated).

  8. Enter a birth date.

  9. Enter the age as per the birth date.

  10. Click Logon to set the user's ArchiOffice logon information.

  11. Click Add to include a photo for the user profile.

  12. Enter biographical detail on the employee in the Bio field.

  13. Enter notes or comments in the Comments field.

  14. The birth date and photo can be modified by you via the User Setup Area.

  15. Users with privileges to access the Preferences area can read the text entered in the Comments field. HR personnel should not use this field to enter performance reviews or any other sensitive information regarding employees.