Tasks List View

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This screen displays all the tasks associated with the selected project or phase in a list format. It can be accessed by selecting List from the Action drop-down on the Projects > Tasks screen.


The tasks feature is available in the Professional and Enterprise editions only.





Click a listed task to view or edit its details.


Delete :

Click to delete the selected task.



Any column header can be selected to sort information by that category.


Button Panel

Search :

Use this search field to quickly locate tasks. The field's predictive search instantly display results as you type in this field.



Click to save the changes made to a project's record.



Click to access the ArchiOffice Help in the Tasks section.





Select this option to locate tasks matching specific criteria, with the resulting found set displayed in the List View.



Select this option to return to the last Find criteria so you can modify the requests before executing the search.


Find All

Select this option to locate all tasks in the system.



Select this option to print a report of records displayed in the list view.

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