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This screen is used to create new documents or attach existing files or folders to a project record.



Quick Docs

Click this tab to create a new document from a listed document template for a contact or project. Select any of the listed templates to create the new document. Details will display on the right side of the screen.


This tab is useful for selecting frequently used templates. Templates can be flagged to display in this tab in Preferences -Documents-Template.


All Docs

This tab displays all document templates, organized by folder. Browse through the folders to select the template on which the new document will be based.



Use the options in this section to narrow down the list of displayed templates.


Click this tab to attach an existing file, or folder containing files, to an existing contact or project record.


Attach File/Folder

Select one of the following options when attaching a file or folder.

Select Source



Click this button to choose a file to attach or link.



Click this button to open the folder in which the document is located.



Click this button to open the file (e.g., PDF) in its associated program (e.g., Adobe Reader).


Select Document Date Option


Use Current Date and Time:

Choose this option to use the current date as the file/folders's date stamp, displayed in the document details.


Use Original File/Folder Modification Date and Time:

Choose this option to base the file/folders's date stamp on the date/time it was created on your computer/server.


Assigned Project:

Use these fields to reassign this document to a different Project.


Assigned Contacts:

This field displays contacts linked with the document. Click Add Contact to assign contacts to the document.

Assigned Notebook:

This read-only field displays the folder in which the selected template is located.



Displays the title of the new document. Edit this field as needed.



Use this field to indicate the date on which a file/folder was created or added to a project.



Enter optional descriptive text in this field for the document.



After selecting a template and assigning a project or contact, click this button to create the document.



Click to close this screen without saving any changes.

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