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The Notes Detail View is useful for viewing a note's detail in addition to assigning related projects, contacts and documents to it. This screen can be accessed through the Logs portal of the Projects or Contacts screen. Select Notes from the Action drop-down list. Click the note on the grid to view its detail.



Related Project Notes


Use the filters in this section to narrow the list of items displayed in the notes list.


Notes Grid:

This grid displays a list of project related notes. Click a listed item to view its full detail below the grid.


Note Detail

View Project:

Click this link to view the project associated with the note.


Assign Project:

Click this link to assign the note to a particular project.



The type of note (e.g., phone call, callback, test log, etc.).



This grid displays a list of contacts to which the note has been assigned. Click the contact's name to view further details.


Assign Contact:

Click this link to assign the note to a particular contact.



A brief description giving a general idea about the note.



This grid displays a list of document attached to the note. Click Edit located in the first column of the document's row to view the document.


Assign Document:

Click to attach a document with your note. ArchiOffice allows you to either attach an already existing document (from the server) or a new document from your device memory. Click the underlined Title to open the attached document.


Button Panel




Select to print the details for a selected note.



Select this option to delete the currently viewed note.



Opens the ArchiOffice Help in the Notes section.

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