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ArchiOffice provides screens or tabs that list related information from other parts of the program. These tabs are called portals.


Below is an example of a portal listing a chronological history of all documents associated with a contact or a project. The portal has filters, which enable you to limit the data being displayed only items of interest.




Add Items

The Logs, Notes and Events portals include an Add Item row that allow you to quickly add additional items.


Access Information

Any item in the portal can be retrieved either by clicking on them or using the powerful filters to control the information displayed in the portal. The item details will be displayed, or in this case, the linked document will be retrieved from the file server and opened in the native program that created the Document.


Action Drop-Down List

Each portal has an Action drop-down list from which you can select the following:

Portal List

You can sort items in the portal's list view by clicking the column header to use for sorting (in this example, the Type field is being used). Click the row to view or edit details from a portal list.


Delete Portal Item

Portal rows often have the Delete option on the right side of the row. It is usually visible when you click a row or hover over it. Click to remove the selected item. Only privileged users can delete items from the system.

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