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Several tax models are available to support countries around the world. Use the Billing-Tax preferences to specify the tax model your firm uses, the labels that display for taxes on an invoice, and the rate to be used.


Tax Details

Federal Tax ID No:

Enter you firm's Federal tax ID number in this field.


State Tax ID No:

Enter your firm's State tax ID number in this field.


Tax Method:

Select the default tax method to be applied to new projects from this drop-down list. The tax model can be changed for a project by an authorized user to one of the following: No Tax, Flat Rate, Two Rates or Slip Specific.

The Slip Specific method can also be used to have one tax rate for all time entries regardless of job code, and a different tax rate for all expense entries regardless of code. To do this, just leave the tax rate fields for the job code listings shown here, at 0.00%, and the Time Slips rate will be used for all time entries, and the Expense Slips rate will be used for all expenses.


Job Codes Grid

This list only displays when either the Two Rates or Slip Specific tax methods are selected.

Button Panel


Stores your settings.



Opens the ArchiOffice Help in the Preferences section.

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