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After installing ArchiOffice, there will be a folder called ArchiOfficeData automatically created on the C: drive of the ArchiOffice server. This folder is used as the storage location for any folders/documents created, moved, duplicated or linked from ArchiOffice. This folder can be placed anywhere in your environment, provided it has full read/write permission for all ArchiOffice users.


Use the Documents -Template preferences to organize document storage structure and template files. You can change the folder location of templates and add new folders. You can also add your own templates. Template specific settings such as restricting who can use a template and limiting the number of times a template can be used per project are available.


Document Templates

The ArchiOffice document management system uses a folder and sub folder filing system for organizing project related documents on the file server. This section displays the document templates and the folder structure in which they are stored.


Add a Root Folder :

Click to insert a root folder.


Add a Child Folder :

Click to insert a child folder.

Add New Template File :

Click to add a template file to a selected folder.

Template Details


The title of the document template.


File Name:

This read-only field displays the template's file name.


Delete :

Click to either remove the link to a selected template file or delete the link and the file.



This read-only field displays the file format of the selected template (for example, Text or Folder).


Add to New Projects:

Select this check box to include a selected folder in the template filing system for new projects.


Select a program from this drop-down list to use for viewing or editing a selected template. This program will start automatically when the template is opened via ArchiOffice.



Enter descriptive detail for a selected template.


Show in Quick Docs:

Select this check box to list the template on the Quick Docs tab when a user creates a document.


Requires Contact Data:

Select this check box to require the user to select a contact name before creating a document.


Requires Project Data:

Select this check box to require a user to select a project before creating a document.


Use Sequence Number:

Select this check box to allow this template to maintain a running sequence number every time it is used. The sequence number is incremented as and when new documents are created using the same template. A starting sequence number can be entered in the Sequence field.


Unique for Project:

Select this check box so the document can only be created once for each project using this template. This would apply to such documents as proposals or punch lists where administrators want information added to existing documents rather than creating new documents each time.


Restrict Users:

Select this check box so only users with permission to create restricted documents can create a document based on the selected template.


RTF Field Substitution:

The templates used in ArchiOffice are stored in Rich Text format. These templates contain field names (for example, project name, project number, customer name, etc.). If this check box is selected, when a template is used to create a document, the fields are substituted with data from ArchiOffice.


This option is typically enabled. It would only be unavailable for purely informational documents that do not require data to be pulled from your database.


If using ArchiOffice fields merged into your document, you must select this option or your document will not be created properly.



The creation date of the template file.



The size of the template file.


Attach File:

Click this link to specify or change the template file.


Clear File:

Click this link to detach the file associated with the selected template and clear the current file path.


Edit Template:

Click this link to edit the selected template file.


Test File:

Click this link to open the template file with sample data populated into the RTF substitution fields to ensure proper functionality.

File Path PC:

The path of the file associated with your template for computer users.


Button Panel


Stores your settings.



Opens the ArchiOffice 2016 Help in the Preferences section.

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