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When you log into ArchiOffice, what you see and are able to do is dictated by your security settings. The privileges set here take precedence over the security settings of the work group to which a user is assigned.


Go to Contact Record :

Click to go to the contact record for the selected user.


Add New User :

To add a new user account to the Users pane on the left, click . You will be prompted to enter the person's user name, login name, password, and initials. The administrator will then be able to enter user account details for this new user. You can enter up to 50 characters for user names and passwords.



Select this check box to assign a license to the selected user.



This column displays the user names.



This column displays a user's status (for example, active, on leave, or terminated.).



Select a work group from this drop-down list to which you would like to assign a selected user. The user will inherit all the privileges of that work group.


Delete :

Click to delete a user.


User Filter

The User Filter options provide a convenient method to quickly limit what users are being displayed in the Users list.



Use these options to search for users based on parts of their names.



Select one or more of these check boxes to filter the list by a user's status (that is, active, on leave and terminated).



Make a selection from this drop-down list to filter users by work group.



Reset Password:

Click to reset the selected user's password.


Change User Login Name:

Click to change the employee's user name. You can enter up to 50 characters for user names.



Select a category from this drop-down list for which you would like to configure privileges (for example, Documents). Choosing a category displays the relevant privileges for the currently selected user.



This list displays the privileges for the selected category. Select or clear the check boxes for the displayed items to configure the privileges specific to the selected user. Selecting a listed item's check box grants the user access to that feature, clearing it denies the user that privilege.


Button Panel


Click to save the user security settings.



Opens the ArchiOffice 2016 Help in the Preferences section.

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