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ArchiOffice uses these settings to display driving directions and street level mapping when the user selects one of these options in the Contacts Detail View by default. The Web Access URL settings enable you to select another mapping service that comes pre-configured with ArchiOffice (that is, Map Quest and Yahoo Maps). You can also add a mapping service of your choice as the default for viewing maps and directions.


Default Mapping Web Site:

Select the preferred mapping website from the drop-down list. The default websites are: Google Maps, Map Quest and Yahoo Maps.


Add New Item

Click to add a new mapping website. You will need the map and driving direction links for the mapping site you are adding.


Delete :

Click to delete an existing mapping website.



Displays the name of the mapping website.



This field displays the map URL for the currently selected mapping website.


Directions URL

This field displays the driving directions URL for the currently selected mapping website.


Help URL

Specify the URL of your ArchiOffice help. Click to open ArchiOffice help.


Button Panel


Stores your settings.



Opens the ArchiOffice Help in the Preferences section.

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