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This screen displays all the summary financial data for a project, including the budget, actuals, and invoiced amounts.



Use this view to compare the project budget including dollars and time allocated, actual time and related fees as well as invoiced amounts and balances to be billed. This view provides valuable information about the status of a project.


As you record time and expense entries, project managers can monitor real-time actual to budget performance.


Basic/Additional Services

This view also shows invoiced amounts by phase and remaining balance to be invoiced by phase. Time and material (additional services) charges incurred on the project are displayed in the lower grid.


The % column in the Actual section = Actual Fee+NR Expenses / Budget Fee+NR Expenses


Click to open a calendar and display the Start Date and End Date fields. Use the calendar to select the dates on which the phase will begin and end. This allows you to know that a phase is budgeted at, say, $10,000 and the total time from start to finish is 4 months. In addition, related reports can show revenue forecasting based on the budgets and these dates. For example, if a phase was budgeted at $10,000 and the total time from start to finish is 4 months, the revenue forecast would be $2,500/month.



Create Invoice:

Click to create a new invoice (draft) for the selected project. ArchiOffice remembers the invoice date range and last invoice date of every project. So you don’t have to continually enter the date each time you create an invoice or draft invoice. You can also overwrite the default invoice number and enter a custom invoice number when creating an individual invoice here.


Delete Draft:

Select this option to delete a draft copy of an invoice. You can view this option after creating a new draft invoice here.


Finalize Draft:

Select this option to finalize a draft invoice and post it. You can view this option after creating a new draft invoice here.


Expand Phases:

Select to display all phases on the grid.


Collapse Phases:

Select to hide all phases on the grid.


Expand Job Codes:

Select to display all job codes on the grid.


Collapse Job Codes:

Select to hide all job codes on the grid.



Opens the ArchiOffice Help in the Preferences section.


Print Project Summary:

Select to print the Project Billing Summary report that displays the information seen on this screen.


Button Panel

Search :

Use this search field to quickly locate projects. The field's predictive search instantly display results as you type in this field


Active Only:

Mark this check box to search the active projects only.



Click to display the previous project record.



Click to display the next project record.



Opens the ArchiOffice  Help in the Projects section.





Select to create a new project.



Select to duplicate an active project record.



Select to delete a project. This is a secure privilege available only when specifically allowed in the Preferences screen.


My List:

Select to view projects assigned to you.



Select to view a list of all projects.



Use this option to locate projects matching specific criteria, with the resulting Found Set displayed in the List View.



Select to return to the last Find criteria so you can modify the requests before executing the search.



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