Projects - Billing Overview

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From the Projects - Billing screen, you can make a selection from the drop-down list to access and view the following billing information and features:


Summary - Select this view to compare, on one screen, the project budget including dollars and time allocated, actual time and related fees as well as invoiced amounts and balances remaining to be billed. This view is a valuable way to see your current position on the project.


Budget - Choose this option to specify the budget for all project phases.


Invoices - Displays details for all finalized invoices that have been generated for the project (for example, Date, Invoice number, $ Capped Fees, $ No Cap Fees (Time and Material charges), $ Reimbursable Expenses, $ Interest, $ Tax and Total). Summary totals for each column are displayed as well as the total paid against the account and the project balance.


Transactions - Select to view all retainer deposits received, payments made against invoices, credits and refunds issued, along with summary totals and project balance.


Options - Select to specify a billing method (Stipulated Sum, Percent of Construction, Unit Cost, Hourly, and Multiple of DSE/DPE), set invoice format options, apply a tax model, specify interest and terms, apply adjustments and expense markups (% or $), specify phases to display on the invoice, invoice output options, and generate an invoice.


Performance - Select this option to view a snapshot of a project's progress. It shows a visual overview of hours worked for both basic and additional services. A bar chart compares the hours worked to date with the budgeted hours and hours over budget. The chart also details a project's cost and billed amount by services provided. In addition, you can get a quick view of the project's cost, earning and profitability as of the current date. These values can be viewed using either the accrued or cash accounting method.