Projects - Billing - Transactions

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The Projects - Billing - Transactions screen shows all retainer deposits received, payments made against invoices, credits and refunds issued, along with summary totals and project balance. You can enter new transactions from here as well.



ArchiOffice does not allow you to apply a credit (liability) directly to a project. Credits can only be applied to open invoices and cannot exceed the invoice amount.


Billing Client

Click this field label to view a client’s contact information.



Use the filters to only display transactions of a specific date range.




New Transaction:

Select to create a new transaction.


Create Invoice:

Click to create a new invoice (draft) for the selected project. ArchiOffice remembers the invoice date range and last invoice date of every project. So you don’t have to continually enter the date each time you create an invoice or draft invoice. You can also overwrite the default invoice number and enter a custom invoice number when creating an individual invoice here.


Delete Draft:

Select this option to delete a draft copy of an invoice. You can view this option after creating a new draft invoice here.


Finalize Draft:

Select this option to finalize a draft invoice and post it. You can view this option after creating a new draft invoice here.



Select to see all the transactions posted for this project.



Select to search for transactions matching specific search criteria, returning the results as the Found Set and presenting them in the List View.



Opens the ArchiOffice Help in the Projects section.



This grid displays a list of project related transactions. It can be sorted by column. Click a column header to toggle sorting between descending and ascending order.


View Transaction Details

Click a transaction entry to see detailed information.



Displays the date on which the transaction was created.


Invoice No:

Invoice number associated with the selected transaction.



Displays comments or description saved with the transaction.


Transaction Type:

The type of transaction recorded: payment received, retainer applied, credit issued or amount refunded.



Displays users restricted from modifying any record.


Button Panel

Search :

Use this search field to quickly locate projects. The field's predictive search instantly display results as you type in this field


Active Only:

Mark this check box to search only the active projects.



Click to display the previous project record.



Click to display the next project record.



Opens the ArchiOffice Help in the Projects section.





Select to create a new project.



Select to duplicate an active project record.



Select to delete a project. This is a secure privilege available only when specifically allowed in the Preferences screen.


My List:

Select to view projects assigned to you.



Select to view a list of all projects.



Use this option to locate projects matching specific criteria, with the resulting Found Set displayed in the List View.



Select to return to the last Find criteria so you can modify the requests before executing the search.


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