Projects - General Overview

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From the Projects - General screen, make a selection from the drop-down list to access and view the following information and features:


Info - Select this option to set up a list of project contacts, key people, and project milestones.


Misc - Choose this option to access the Miscellaneous screen in which you can add secured project notes your firm wants to keep confidential from other viewers. In addition, this screen displays custom fields used to store information at the project level. These fields can be added as merge fields in your customized documents.


Data - Select this option to view or edit descriptive information about the project, typically after the project has been completed.


Charts - Select this option to view performance charts for a specific project (for example, profitability, receivables, and project fees).


SF330- Architects must provide an SF330 document (that is, Standard Form 330) when bidding on government projects. This form requires a firm to detail its relevant disciplines and experience using Function and Profile codes. When applying for such jobs, select this option to enter SF330 detail and store this information with a project record.