Projects List View

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The Projects List View provides a listing of all projects in the system. When you first access this view, it will only show your active list of projects (that is, projects you are involved in as a team member).



Projects Grid

The grid displays a list of project records. You can sort the list and toggle it between ascending and descending order by clicking one of the column headers. Click a project row to view its details.


Project No:

The column displays the project number.


Project Name:

The project name displays in this column.


Project Type:

Detail on the type of project displays in this column (for example, residential, restaurant, commercial, etc.).



The name of the client linked with the project displays in this column.



The name of the project leader displays in this column.



The project status displays in this column (for example, Active, Open, etc.).



This column displays the project charge status (that is, billable, RFP, and internal).


Delete :

To view details for a listed project, hover the mouse pointer over it and click . All transactions and invoices must be deleted before you can delete a project. This orphans any time entries currently on the deleted project and marks them as incomplete.

Button Panel

Search :

Use this search field to quickly locate projects. The field's predictive search instantly displays results as you type in this field. You can check the Active Only filter to only search active projects.


Active Only

Mark this check box to search only the active projects.



Opens the ArchiOffice Help in the Projects section.



Select the number of rows you want to see on the grid. The options range from 15 to 500. ArchiOffice memorizes the number of rows selected by you and displays the same next time you log in.





Select to create a new project.


All Active:

Select this check box to only display projects with an active status.


My List:

Projects that you are actively involved with as a team member can be accessed using the My List button.



Select this option to locate a particular project and return a found set displaying the results in a List View.



Use Re-Find to return to the last Find criteria so you can modify the requests before executing the search.


Find All:

Select to display all project records in the List View.



Select this option to print a report of records displayed in the list view.

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