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This screen works identically to the Time screen and is used for simple expense entries. This is where most users will record their project related expenses.




Select the name of the employee for which you want to review expense entries. Click Me to view or enter your own entries.

Week Beginning:

Use this field to select the week in which you want to view, add or edit expense entries. Use the adjacent buttons to jump to the previous, next or current week.


Expense Card

You can see all the expense entries for the entire week by clicking the Totals column or only the expense entries for a particular day by clicking on that day (highlighted in yellow) on the grid.


Expense Grid


The date on which the expense entry was added.

Edit :

If you need to edit additional details not shown in the expense grid, hover the mouse pointer over the entry and click to go directly to the Detail View of that entry.


Clear :

Click to clear the entry detail fields.



Select the name of the project for which the expense entry is being created.



Select the phase associated with the expense. If you select a project first, then only those phases for that project will display. If you do not select a project first, then all phases will display.


Job Code:

Select the code associated with the expense.


Expense Type:

Select the expense type associated with the expense (for example, car mileage).



Enter descriptive detail or comment for the new expense entry.



Select this check box if the entry is not reimbursable by the client.



Select this check box if an employee must be reimbursed for the expense.



Enter the quantity of units for the expense (for example, mileage, hours, etc.).



Displays the total expense amount.


Add :

Click to save your entry and add it to the grid. Specify whether the expenses incurred are non-reimbursable or employee-reimbursable by checking the appropriate boxes. In addition, enter the quantity and cost of your expenses.



Click to make changes and save them.


Click to attach a receipt to the corresponding expense. This option appears when you have chosen a project. You can click on it to view the entry's attachment (for example, scanned receipt).




Displays until all required expense entry information is completed by you.

Displays when the required information has been entered.


If the work flow process is being used, this status indicates the entry has been reviewed and approved.

Displays for expense entries that have been billed. When billed, the expense entry cannot be edited.


Displays for expense entries that have been placed on hold to reflect the time as non-billable to the project or to be released for billing at a later time.


Displays for those entries that are currently rendered on a draft invoice. When included on a draft invoice, the entry cannot be edited unless you delete that invoice.



If you need to delete a time entry, hover the mouse pointer over the entry and click .


Button Panel


Click to get a print-out of the information displayed on screen.



Opens the ArchiOffice Help in the Time/Expense section.





Select to view a list of expense entries.



Select to search for expense entries by certain criteria.



Select to make modifications to a previous search requests.

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