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The ArchiOffice Admin Options are used for creating and changing your company database file or opening a sample database.


If you have previously used ArchiOffice, it automatically opens the database that you previously used. If you are running ArchiOffice for the first time, you have to create a database in which all of your employee, client, project, and billing information will be stored.


To access this screen, click the Admin Options link on the ArchiOffice login screen.


The following information provides details on the Admin options:


Open an Existing Company:

Choose this option to select an existing ArchiOffice database.


Create a New Company:

Choose this option to create a new ArchiOffice data file.


Open a Sample Company:

Choose this option to explore ArchiOffice features using a sample database.



Closes the screen.



Saves the settings and closes the screen.


Admin Options Button Panel


Opens the ArchiOffice Help in the Admin Options section.

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