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The Projects - General - Misc screen provides two useful project management features. First, this screen provides a field in which a Project Manager or Principal Architect can enter project notes that only they can view. You can enter notes regarding whatever your firm wants to keep confidential from other viewers.


In addition to the Security Notes field, the Misc screen also contains a customized area for users. This area displays custom fields used to store information at the project level. These fields can be added as merge fields in your customized documents.



Secure Notes:

Enter confidential or classified information in this field. This field does not display for users who have not been granted the Secure Project Notes privilege. See Preferences - Users - Security for further details on security and privilege settings.


Custom Fields:

This section contains custom fields added by your ArchiOffice administrator to suit your firm's unique project management needs. See Preferences - Project - Miscellaneous for further details on adding custom fields. Click Update to save the edits made to a custom field. You can search for a project based on the value of these custom fields.


Button Panel


Opens the ArchiOffice Help in the Projects section.

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