Post Installer Instructions
Post Installer Instructions

EngineerOffice 2015 Updates Are Available
Post Installer Instructions

EngineerOffice 2015 Latest Update Build is available for download. This patch was released on February 11, 2016.


1.  The Update Setup should only be installed on the EngineerOffice 2015 Server.
2.  Before installing the Update Setup, please make sure no one is using EngineerOffice 2015.

3.  You should be logged in as Administrator to the EngineerOffice 2015 Server.

4.  Backup EngineerOffice Company File before applying update.

5.  Click on below link to download the update build
(Approx Size : 45 MB)

Click Here for Release Notes

6.  Once you download the above file, save it in any folder on your server. Before installing the update, MAKE SURE EVERYBODY is logged out of EngineerOffice. To install the update, MAKE SURE you Right-Click and Ran As Administrator the extracted installer file and follow the installer instructions.

7. All Client computers need to flush their browser cache. This will ensure that latest changes applied by update on the server are downloaded to their local cache.

If you need further guidance in setting up EngineerOffice 2015, please visit our web site support page. If you are experiencing any issues we will be glad to schedule a call and help you resolve the issue.

For technical Support, please call (310) 602-4030

Post Installer Instructions