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The Calendar-Detail screen shows information about the event such as the project, event, date, time, creator, notes, and who is invited to the event. The event could be a repeating event, and any document could be associated to the event as well.



Event Details


Select the number or name of the project for which the event is being scheduled. Click the field label to go to the selected project. If desired, you can filter by active projects only by checking the Active box. If an event is recorded against a ‘non’ active project and Active check box is selected, the Project drop-down will list this project apart from the active projects as a special case.



Enter the event name.



Specify the type of item you are scheduling (that is, To-Do, Milestone, and Appointment).



A milestone and To-Do items have a default status of pending. When the milestone has been reached, click Pending, or select the adjacent check box, to change the status to Achieved. When Pending is clicked for a To-Do item, the status changes to Done.



Enter the date of the scheduled item.



Specify the event's start/end time.



Displays the duration of the scheduled event.


Repeat Event:

Click this hyperlink to create or delete recurring events.


All Day:

Select this check box to schedule an all day event.



Select this check box to flag the event for syncing with Outlook.



Displays the contacts attending the event. Click Delete to remove the attendees. You can also click the Assign Others link to add additional contacts to the event.


Displays the team assigned to the project for which the calendar item is being scheduled. Click the Assign link to add selected team members to the event's attendees list. Click Delete to remove a team. Click Create Time Slip + to create a time entry for the event.


Project Contacts:

Select the check box of a listed project contact you want to invite to the event. Click the Assign link to add project contacts to the event's attendees list. When creating a new event, EngineerOffice pre-fills the default contact name but you can change it.



Enter notes regarding an event in this field.


Assign Document:

Click this link to attach a document relevant to the event.


Button Panel


Click to save the event settings.



Opens the EngineerOffice Help in the Calendar section.





Select to create a new event.



Select to delete an event. This option is only available for users with the proper security privileges.


Select to add the currently viewed event to your calendar program (that is, Microsoft Outlook, Entourage or Apple Contacts/Address Book).Your external program's event form will display. When adding an event to a third party program:


Select this option to display an event in your external program from this screen. This will find the event in your external program and display it in the program's normal event form.


My List:

Select to view a list of events assigned to you.



Select to view a list of all events.



Select to locate event's matching specific criteria. The resulting Found Set displays in the List View.



Select to return to the last Find criteria so you can modify the requests before executing the search.

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