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This screen is used to maintain a profile of a contact. You can customize the information to meet your company's unique needs. Profiles can be created for firm employees, clients and vendors.

Information entered on this screen is used on reports or invoices and can be used when determining rates on time and expense entries or budgets. You can view, edit and create contact profiles on this screen.


EngineerOffice gives you the flexibility of creating multiple tabs of information to correspond to different address types (for example, Home, Work, etc.). You can add up to six addresses for each contact. Address tabs can be renamed and re-ordered as needed.




Enter a contact's full name in this field.



The name of the contact's company. The same name pre-fills the Company field on the Work tab.



The contact's job title, the title entered will be added as a drop-down list item. You can use the title as a filter to simplify reporting and data management.



Specify a contact type using this drop-down list. A contact can be an employee, a client, a vendor or any specific type. The type list is set in the Preferences > Contacts > Defaults screen and can be customized to suit your needs.



Select this check box to include this contact on your active list of contacts (My List view).


Outlook/Entourage/Apple Contacts:

Select this check box to have a contact sync with your external program (Microsoft Outlook/Entourage/Apple Contacts). You will need to designate which address tab should be used by checking the Sync check box.



Select this check box to prevent restricted users from modifying this record.


Assign Groups:

Groups provide for additional categorizing of contacts to later filters for reporting and printing purposes. The group check boxes are defined by the administrator in the Preferences > Contacts > Defaults screen.


Contact Information Tabs

Contact information can be organized into various address types (for example, Work, Home and other information) that you might want to maintain for the contact. Default address types can be specified using the Preferences > Contacts > Defaults screen. The following fields are available on each tab:


The contact's salutation (for example, Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.). You can either type it or select from the drop-down list.


First and Last Name:

These fields are automatically populated after entering the contact's full name in the Name field on the left side of the screen.



Enter the contact's company in this field. This field is automatically populated after entering the company name in the Company field on the left side of the screen.


Address 1 and 2:

Two lines are available to enter contact's street name, apartment number, etc.



The contact's city.



Select the contact's state or province from this drop-down list.



The contact's zip or postal code.



The contact's country or region.



Select this check box on the address tab that should be used in the Directory reports.



Select this check box on the address tab that should be used for billing purposes. This is the address where any invoices generated for this client will be sent.



Select this check box on the address tab where mailings should be sent.



Select this check box to identify which of the address tabs should be used for synchronization with an external program (Microsoft Outlook/Entourage/Apple Contacts).

Add New Address Tab

Click to add or rename existing tabs.


Print Envelopes

Click to print envelopes using the address specified here.


Print Address Labels

Click to print address labels using the address specified here.


Display Street Map

Click to view a street map showing the contact's location.


Display Driving Directions

Click to view driving directions to a contact's location.

Communication Methods

This section shows communication options (for example, Phone, email, pager, cellular, fax, Skype, etc.) you can use to reach contacts. Click the desired icon to the right of an item to initialize communication using the entered contact information. For example, when you click Email, your external email program (for example, Microsoft Outlook/Entourage/Apple Mail) starts. The list of default communication types is set up in Preferences > Contacts > Defaults.


The portals, located below the contact information, show related Documents, Logs, Events, Projects, Miscellaneous detail, Invoices and Transactions for a contact from other parts of the system.


Button Panel


Click to display the previous contact record.



Click to display the next contact record.



Click to save changes made to a contact's record.



Opens the EngineerOffice Help in the Contacts section.





Select to create a new contact.



Select to duplicate an active contact record.



Select to delete a contact record from EngineerOffice. This is a secure privilege available only when specifically allowed in the Preferences screen' security option.



Select this option to add the contact's flagged synchronization address to your external program (for example, Outlook).



Select to display the contact in your external program.


My List:

Select to view contacts assigned to you.



Use this option to locate Contacts matching specific criteria, with the resulting Found Set displayed in the List View.



Select to return to the last Find criteria so you can modify the requests before executing the search.


Find All:

Select to view all contacts.

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