How Do I Access Help?

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BQE Software provides various resources for user guidance and help.


Excellent service and support for EngineerOffice is available. Various user manuals, tutorials and training courses are offered by BQE to help you to explore the rich and robust features of EngineerOffice. Certified trainers are also available to train you on EngineerOffice at different trainee-levels. Visit our EngineerOffice website for more.


For assistance with usage of our products or further information, you can access any of the following:

In-product Help

EngineerOffice comes with built in product help. To access the context-sensitive help, click Help on any screen or tab. The help displays the Contents, Index and Search options.


Feedback on EngineerOffice Help

We are always trying to improve the content and usability of the in-product help. If you find errors or have suggestions about how we can improve the in-product help, please let us know. You can send in your feedback to