How Do I Update Employee Bill Rates?

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Do the following to amend an employee's billing rates for a project and apply that change to existing time or expense in a batch process:


Update Employee Billing Rates

  1. Open a project record.
  2. In Details tab, click Project Team tab. This should display the team members associated with this project with their respective bill rates
  1. Click the billing rate you want to edit and enter the new rate.
  2. Click Save for that team member's record.

Batch Process Existing Time/Expense to Match New Rate

  1. Click Time/Expense on the navigation bar.
  2. Select Find from the Action drop-down list. The Time/Expense Search Request screen displays.
  3. Enter the name of the employee and project name associated with the time or expense and click Search.
  4. Select Bill Rate from the Update drop-down list.