How Do I Apply Payments to Invoices?

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Use the following steps to apply payments to invoices.

Process a Single Payment

  1. Click Projects on the navigation bar.
  2. Select a listed project to edit.
  3. Click the Billing tab and select Transactions from the drop-down list from the Billing button panel.
  4. Select New from the Action drop-down list of the Billing button panel.
  5. Click Invoices.
  6. Choose Payment as the transaction type.
  7. Enter the payment received amount in the Amount field and press Tab. The amount will automatically populate the Amount to Apply field. If you do not want to apply the entire amount to a single invoice, enter the amount to apply to a listed invoice in the Amount to Apply field.
  8. In the list of Outstanding Invoices, click Apply for the invoice for which the payment is being processed. The applied payment displays in the lower part of the Transaction Detail screen.
  9. Click Done.

Process a Batch of Payments

Instead of going into each individual project to apply a payment, if you have a stack of checks, you can process them using a single screen.


Do the following to process a batch of payments:

  1. Click Billing on the navigation bar.
  2. Click the Outstanding tab to display a list of invoices that are due.
  3. Click Payment to access the Transaction Detail screen for each invoice receiving a payment.
  4. Follow steps 5-9 in the proceeding instructions for applying a payment.