How Do I Create Events?

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With EngineerOffice, you can manage your firm's schedule using its Calendar module. You can add appointments, project milestones and To-Do items.


Do the following to create an event:

  1. Click Calendar on the navigation bar.
  2. Select New from the Action drop-down list on the Calendar button panel. The Calendar Detail View displays.
  3. Select a project from the Project's list. You can select a project by its name or number.
  4. Enter an event description.
  5. Select an event type (Appointment, Milestone, To-Do).
  6. Specify the event's date, start and end times.
  7. Select the All Day check box for an event that will lasts a full day.
  8. If this is a recurring event, click Repeat Event and set up the recurring settings.
  9. Select the Outlook check box to sync the event with your Microsoft Outlook calendar. Mac users can select Entourage or Apple Calendar.
  10. Enter notes or comments as needed.
  11. Click the Assign Document link to attach a document to this event. The person setting up an event is automatically added to the current list.
  12. Add additional team members to the attendee list from the Team panel.
  13. Add additional Project contacts to the attendee list from the Project Contacts panel.
  14. Click Save when you have finished.