How Do I Create Internal Projects?

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Internal projects are used for tracking non-billable time for activities such as sales, marketing, meetings; and time used for holidays, vacation, or sick leave.


Do the following to create a project for internal activities:

  1. Open a contact record or create a new one.
  2. Click the Projects tab and select New from the Action drop-down list on the tab's button panel.
  3. Select Internal and click Continue.
  4. Enter a descriptive project name (for example, General Office) and edit the system-generated project number if needed.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Select Internal as the project type.
  7. Set the project status to Active.
  8. On the Project Team tab, select Assign Team or Assign Employee from the Action drop-down list to assign employees to a project.
  9. Click the Phases/Codes tab and add new internal phases (for example, Admin, Management, Meetings, Marketing, Sales, etc.) and associated job codes (for example, Jury Duty, Vacation, Holiday, etc.) by selecting Main from the Action drop-down lists in the Phase and Job Code panels.
  10. Select the Active check box for each phase and job code added so they can be used for time entry.
  11. Click Save on the Projects button panel. Employees can now use the new phases and job codes to record time for non-billable company tasks and activities.
  12. You can set up separate internal projects for each department (for example, Accounting, Graphics, Marketing, etc.).
  13. You can add tasks, documents and events to an internal task as you would with billable or RFP projects.