How Do I Define System Defaults?

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The system administrator can specify the countries, phone numbers and states that are available for selection throughout EngineerOffice using its System-Defaults settings. You can also set the first day of the week for your company here.


The EngineerOffice administrator can set the format for all phone numbers entered in EngineerOffice (that is, Phone, Fax, Cellular and Pager numbers). These settings control how phone numbers are auto-formatted upon entry. For example, if you set the phone number format to ###.###.####, phone numbers entered in the system would be auto-formatted to display as follows: 123.456.7890.


Do the following to define system defaults:

  1. Select Preferences from the master drop-down list.

  2. Open the System folder and click Defaults.

  3. Select a category from the drop-down list (for example, Countries or States).

  4. Click the label for a listed item to edit it. To add a new label, enter a value or text in the last row and click Save.