How Do I Find Information?

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Help provides detailed procedures, reference information, tips, and links to resources that provide answers to your questions. For assistance while you work, click the Help button on any screen.


Contents organize topics into books () and pages (), allowing you to approach the major features individually. This allows you to understand which features are related to other features. The Index provides a predefined list of keywords. Choose a keyword and click Display to jump to the topic for that feature. Use the Search option to find Help topics by your own keywords.


To find information in the help file, click Contents on the Help menu.


In the Help window, do the following:





View the table of contents for the Help. Click each book to display pages that link to topics, and click each page to display the corresponding topic in the right pane.


Search for specific words or phrases or select from a list of index keywords. Click the keyword to display the corresponding topic in the right pane.


Locate words or phrases within the content of your topics. Type the word or phrase in the text field, press Enter, and select the topic you want from the list of topics.


When viewing information in one topic you can easily look up a word by pressing Ctrl+F (simultaneously) keys on your keyboard. This opens up a dialog box, where you can specify search for a specific word.


The EngineerOffice Help is provided to you in a tree like structure. Many help topics include blocks of text that are hidden when the help topic is first opened. Hidden text blocks are indicated with a () button. To view a hidden block of text, click on (+). To hide the block of text, click close (-).