How Do I Set Bill Rates for Job Codes?

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You can specify a bill rate for a particular job code which overrides a team member's bill rate.


This is useful when a firm has set up bill rates for employees but for certain services they only want to charge a set price. For example, employee rates are $75 and $140 per hour, but the Project Manager doesn’t want to charge those rates when these employees have meetings with the client. So, the Project Manager sets up a job code called Meetings and enters a bill rate of $60 per hour. Whenever anyone in the firm has a meeting with the client, they will select the Meetings job code.


Do the following to enter job code rates:

  1. Open the project for which you want to set up job code bill rates.
  2. Click the Phase/Job Codes tab on the Projects > Details screen.
  3. In the Job Codes section, select a job code and enter a bill rate.
  4. Choose the Basic option for the service type if the job code should be charged against the contract fee. If it is to be billed in addition to the contract fee, choose the Additional option.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Go to the Projects > Billing > Budgets screen to view the changed bill rate for this job code.