How Do I Set Up EngineerOffice?

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At least one person (administrator) should be assigned the task of setting up EngineerOffice. If you are an administrator, you might want to go through the EngineerOffice Getting Started Guide 2016 to help you get started with the program.


Setting up EngineerOffice involves the following steps:

Step 1 - Install EngineerOffice

Follow the directions to install the software on your server and client machines.

Step 2 - License EngineerOffice

Your license information is sent to you shortly after purchasing the software. You will be prompted to enter and validate your license key after installing EngineerOffice. You can also enter that information in the license area of Preferences.

Step 3 - Set Up System Preferences

EngineerOffice has many preferences you can configure for the program to suit your firm's specific needs, but there are some preferences that must be configured for EngineerOffice to function properly.

Step 4 - Set Up Clients

Project related contacts, including vendors, clients, and consultants need to either be created new or synced in from Outlook, Entourage or Apple Contacts.

Step 5 - Set Up Existing Projects

Everybody has existing projects that are work-in-progress. Set these up, as well as your new projects in EngineerOffice so your employees can continue working on them. You can also set up internal projects and RFP projects.

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