How Do I Specify Document Storage & Link Paths?

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Use the Preferences- Documents-Paths screen to define the paths to be used by the EngineerOffice document management system. You'll specify the path to the EngineerOffice documents folder-typically EngineerOfficeData\2016, which contains all of the templates used by the system.


Do the following to set Document Storage and Link paths:

  1. Select Preferences from the master drop-down list.

  2. Open the Documents folder and click Paths.

  3. Set the default path to the location where you installed the EngineerOffice Documents folder. The path needs to point to the folder:


  4. If your documents are stored in a directory other than the EngineerOffice documents folder, enter path to that folder. The document link path is used when you already have a folder (can contain sub-folders and files) where you can have documents that you would like to access from EngineerOffice.