How Do I Track Sick, Personal and Holiday Time?

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You can use EngineerOffice to track employee sick, paid time off (PTO) and holiday time by doing the following:

  1. Create an internal project or open an existing one.
  2. Create a project phase called Paid Time Off. Make sure this phase is active.
  3. Create job codes such as Vacation, Holiday, Sick Leave, Jury Duty, Bereavement, etc.
  4. Select the check box for each of the job codes to associate them with the Paid Time Off phase.
  5. Select the Active check box and choose Additional service option for each code.

After completing these steps, you can now enter time for the PTO project phase. When you run the Payroll report (Reports > Time and Expense > Payroll), it will isolate the hours associated with these internal job codes (Additional Services) as line items, allowing you to track these hours easily.