How Do I Transfer Retainers Between Projects?

You can apply retainer payments directly to invoices as well as to projects. In addition, you can move retainer balances between projects owned by the same client. To do this:


  1. Create a retainer transaction for a project, say Proj 100, assigned to a client, Client AA. The same client has another project, say Proj 101.

    Machine generated alternative text: A rchiOffice 14M.31.O Enterprise Howard Roark y Fountainhead A+E Dashboard Contacts Time I Expense Projects Bitting CaLendar Reports 2016-0015:ProjlOO Ob Previous Next HeLp Action y Details GeneraL Logs Documents Events Tasks Slips Billing Transactions y BiLLing Client Client M From To Action y Date Invoice No Note Payment Credit Retainer Refund Lock 04/18/2016 CLient AA 1000 re . . . 50.00 50.00 51,000.00 50.00
  2. On the Projects > Billing > Transactions screen, start the retainer transfer by clicking New under the Action drop-down.
  3. Click the Retainer option. You are informed that a retainer exists for this client.
  4. Click From on the dialog box to make a payment from the retainer account.

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  5. Enter the Retainer Amount to be transferred and then click the Projects button. Select the project in the grid receiving the retainer.

Machine generated alternative text: b Transaction Detail: Google Chrome [1O.O.2.15/AO2O14/biIIingfFransaCtionDetaiI.aspx?canceI=biIIingTab’ ATransaction&requestFrom.íprojecijprojectDetailview.aspx&T Transaction Detail Action y Trans No 125 Date 04/18/2016 Exported D CLient Client AA O Payment !) Retainer O Credit Refund xfer to 101 Account BaLance $000 Amount $50000 Notes Retainer BaLance $100000 AvaiLabLe to AppLy $500 Amount to AppLy $500 [E Invoices J [3 Projects Contact Projects Proj ect Name Project No. Status Retainer Balance ProjlOO 2016-0015 Active $1,000.00 $0.00 ProjlOl 201 4-0016 Active 50.00 50.00 0 51,000.00 50.00 Individual Item From This Payment Date Project No Project Name Notes Amount Type b Payment Detail Not Available Done


The first project, Proj 100, now has $500 less in retainer balance. The second project, Proj 101, has a retainer balance of the transferred amount $500.