How Do I View Budgeted and Additional Services?

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Some people consider additional services as being completely separate from the determined engineering budget. They want to view their budgets with additional services subtracted from the remaining fee.


To see the basic service budgeted, actual and invoiced amounts separated from the additional services, go to the Projects > Billing screen and select Summary from the drop-down list to view the desired information.



You can also print reports that separate additional services information. In the Reports screen, select one of the following reports:






To see the basic service budgets/actual/invoiced amounts separated from the Additional Services, go to the Projects-Billing-Summary screen. If you click the Summary Table button in the lower-left corner of the screen, you can view the desired information.


You can also access a number of reports from the Reports screen that present this view:


• Reports-Projects-Profitability Accrued: where you can see basic service phases separated from the additional service job codes.
• Reports-Projects-Project Quick View: where you can print out reports that contain the data seen in the Projects-General Quick View screen. It separates basic services from additional services and shows their respective profitability.
• Reports-Time/Expense: where you can see information broken down by Service Type (Basic vs. Additional).