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EngineerOffice 2016 is a server-based program requiring one machine to function as the server which will host the EngineerOffice data. If you have only a single license for your firm, the machine you use to access EngineerOffice will also function as the server. There is no need for you to install any software on your client computers. Read the EngineerOffice Getting Started Guide 2016 for installation procedures and details.


If you are an existing EngineerOffice user, you can upgrade to the new EngineerOffice 2016 version. Please check the Upgrade Data to EngineerOffice 2016 whitepaper for conversion details.


After EngineerOffice is installed on its server, company data can be accessed by employees on your firm's local area network (LAN) or over the internet by employees outside the office. Project related documents can be stored directly on the EngineerOffice server or on a separate file server. We recommend that the file server and the application server are on separate machines. The following scenarios are possible:

Because the browser-based EngineerOffice uses Microsoft's .Net technology, it can run on multiple platforms (for example, Windows, iOS, and Android) and devices (that is, desktop, laptop, and mobile devices).


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