New Database

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To access this screen, click the Admin Options link on the EngineerOffice login screen.



Company Name:

The company name is a required field for maintaining a licensed EngineerOffice database. The field is limited to 95 characters. This company name displays on all invoices. Your EngineerOffice license key is based on your company name.


Data File Name:

Name of the company's SQL database file.


Server Name:

Name of your web server.


Select Authentication Mode


SQL Server:

Choose this option to use SQL server authentication to access your company's database.


Windows Authentication:

Choose this option to require establishing a connection to the SQL Server using the Windows Logon credentials (that is, Windows Username and Password) when accessing the company's database.


SQL Server User ID:

Enter your user ID when using the default authentication method.


SQL Server Password:

Enter your password for the SQL server. For example, if the server name is SQLExpress, enter SQLExpress, ComputerName\SQLExpress, or .\SQLExpress.

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