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If you are well-acquainted with the previous versions of EngineerOffice, then familiarize yourself with the major new features of EngineerOffice 2016.


  1. Email Draft Invoices to Project Leaders/Principals: In EngineerOffice 2016,you can email draft invoices to project leaders or principals. This can also be done in the History and Outstanding tabs of the Project module.

  2. Set Your Own Password Policy: If you are security conscious, this feature is for you. It will allow you to set your own password policy, like enforce strong password and reset password after a set number of days.

  3. Detailed Draft Invoices: You now have the ability to preview detailed draft invoices. This will enable managers to review detailed work that was done during the period, thus helping them determine the amount to bill for their fixed fee phases.

  4. Project-Specific Invoice Number Sequences: You can now set project-specific invoice number sequences rather than global invoice numbers. This feature will enhance the batch invoicing process for these projects.

  5. Billing Instruction Notes: This is a simple, yet powerful, feature for project managers and billers. Using this feature, project managers can provide special instructions to billers or accountants as to what they want done with the invoice or how to go about the billing. The projects that contain an instruction note will have an icon to visually indicate that a note is attached to it.

  6. Memorized Reports in Grid List: This feature is more of an improved user experience. You can now view and manage all your memorized reports on a separate list in the report grid. Till now, these reports displayed in the grid list only when the related report was selected.

  7. Enhanced Filters: We now have additional useful filters in EngineerOffice 2016.These new filters are primarily available on the Outstanding, Drafts and History tabs of the Billing screen. Also, you will see improved date filters across the application.

  8. Brand New Engine: EngineerOffice 2016 works with the latest version of the operating system such as Windows 10 and you will also notice significant performance improvements throughout the program.

  9. Default Email Message for Invoices: No need to write the email body again and again. You can put your default email message for invoices in the Preferences screen. When the email is created, that message will appear in the body of the email in a section below the line break.

  10. Monthly Billing Report: Displays invoice details including basic and additional services, reimbursable expenses, adjustments, tax, interest and totals on a monthly basis. You can sort the report by project, principal, client, etc.

  11. Modify Time/Expense of Draft Invoices: One of the most powerful features in this release is the ability to modify the time and expense entries of draft invoices. You can now change the Phase, Code, Task Description, Hours and Status of these entries while reviewing the draft invoices.

  12. Drag/Drop and Ascending/Descending Sort Options: One of the most powerful features this year is the new capability to drag and drop your team members into the Project Team list. You can also sort your phases and job codes in ascending and descending order.

  13. Ability to Print Multiple Invoices: Add a Print option to the Billing > Outstanding screen > Action menu to allow printing of all currently selected invoices in the list.

  14. Propagate Employee Status in One Click: This feature will allow users to propagate the employee status throughout the system. So if employees are marked as Inactive, the application will mark them as Inactive on all projects that they are assigned.

  15. Ability to Choose Number of Rows Per Page: User can now choose the number of rows displayed per page throughout the application.

  16. Currency Symbol Position: You can now choose the position of a currency symbol – left or right of the value/amount. This feature is useful for our international users.

  17. Include/Exclude Basic and Additional Services: Under the Time section of the Projects > Billing > Options screen, there is now an option to "Include Basic Services" and "Include Additional Services". By default, both options are checked.

  18. Start/Stop Date for Time/Expense Report: Start and Stop Date fields are available directly in the display options area for all the time and expense reports.

  19. Three Decimal Places on Time/Expense Reports: Time/Expense reports will show three decimal places, if given.

  20. User-Based Report Filters: Report filters will be saved on the basis of logged-in user. One user will not see the filters of other users.

You can also check out the What's New in EngineerOffice page on our website.