Preferences Documents Path

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Use the options on this screen to browse to the paths of folders used as document defaults for templates, project and document files, and legacy invoices.


Location of templates:

Use this field to specify the path to the folder containing EngineerOffice template files.


Project/Contact document location:

Use this field to specify the path to the folder that contains all the project and contact documents

Update existing Project and Contact document location:

When this option is selected, the new default paths will be applied to all project and contact documents after you click Save.


Legacy Invoices Location:

To access finalized invoices from previous EngineerOffice versions (say 2015), specify their location in this field. You will be able to view these invoices in their original format (that is, PDF or Word). The path entered must be specified using the UNC format (e.g., \\\EO2015Docs\Invoices).



Click to close this screen without saving your changes.



Click to save your changes and close this screen.


Button Panel


Opens the EngineerOffice Help.

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