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EngineerOffice provides a variety of preferences that enable a firm to set up the system to suit its specific needs. You can configure settings to reduce errors and expedite data entry, control the look and feel of the system, manage users and secure data. In addition, options are available to customize document management, and back up and manage your system data.



You can use EngineerOffice to set up default settings for a variety of the system's components (for example, project, RFPs, users, contacts and billing). Default settings can be set up to expedite data entry by controlling what selections are available to users when creating projects, adding contacts or entering time. These settings can also be used to reduce errors by controlling what options employees can select when entering data.


Look and Feel

Aside from configuring default settings, EngineerOffice preferences are used to configure the look and feel of the system. You can control what displays on the EngineerOffice Dashboard (for example, portals and charts). In addition, you can set up the company logo to display on your firm's reports and invoices.


Users and Security

Extensive options are available for managing users and securing your data. You can grant or deny privileges to module (that is, Billing, Contacts, etc.) specific features (for example, creating and deleting invoices or deleting contacts). Security options are also available to control what EngineerOffice reports users can view or print. Privileges can be granted on a user-by-user basis or they can be applied by work groups. Other user related preferences include entering HR details for users, setting up email synchronization and time and expense entry defaults.


Document Management

Document management is a big component of EngineerOffice, in preferences you can control the folder structure used to organize project related documents (for example, invoice, notes, etc.) and specify the location of your documents. You can also manage document templates and specify what applications are used to view and edit documents when they are selected within EngineerOffice.


System Maintenance

Beyond setting up system defaults and security, there are preference features that you can use for system maintenance and data management. There are options in EngineerOffice preferences for scheduling database backups and managing EngineerOffice licenses. In addition, through Preferences you can import contact, time and expense data, and set up accounting integration settings (for example, QuickBooks Synchronization).


Custom Reports and Invoices

If you use customized reports and invoices, you can select and configure them in the Preferences screen.

Navigating Preferences

To access the Preferences screen, select Preferences from the master drop-down list.


The preferences are organized in a tree structure. To navigate the settings, click a category to expand it and then click one of the listed items to view and edit settings.


Preferences are organized into the following categories:




Work Groups







Web Access




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