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Use the Project-Milestones preferences to set up default milestones for your projects. These should be the common milestones that you routinely use for managing your key reviews and stages of your projects. Keep in mind, that these are just defaults that will appear in the Add Milestone dialog box when you add milestones to a project in the Project General view. You can also create custom milestones and assign due dates for any milestone in the Projects-General screen.



Load Defaults:

Click this link to load EngineerOffice default milestones.

Save & Add New :

Click to create new project milestones.



List of existing project milestones. Click a field to edit a milestone's label. You can arrange or swap the milestones in any desired order using the Move Up/Down arrows on the left. On the creation of a new project, the milestones follow the same order.


Select this check box to make a milestone active.


Delete :

Click to remove a milestone from the list. This will not affect any existing projects already using this milestone, it will just remove it from the Add Milestone dialog box.


Button Panel


Stores your settings.



Opens the EngineerOffice 2016 Help in the Preferences section.

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