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Use the RFP - Tasks preferences to create phase specific default tasks that need to be completed for an RFP (that is, checklist). When you add tasks here, every new RFP project added in EngineerOffice will automatically have this task added to it. Tasks are added by phase and are broken down into types. You can add customized task types. Use these settings to set the number of hours to be spent on the task and assign an employee to complete the tasks. The default project tasks created using these settings can be loaded and also customized on a project-by-project basis in the Projects - Tasks screen.

The tasks feature is available in the Professional and Enterprise editions only.





Load Defaults

Click this link to reload the missing default tasks and task types. You will receive a warning asking if you are certain you want to replace all existing tasks and task types with the system defaults and informing you that it may affect other data if these tasks are already in use.


Use Tasks for Time on new Projects:

Select this check box to use tasks for time entries on either timecards or time detail layouts. When this option is selected, tasks display in the grid of the Projects - Time/Expense screen instead of the Description column. In addition, a Task field is added to the time entry line on the Time screen.



Click this link to delete a selected phase.


This section displays existing phase specific tasks.

Task Type:

Tasks are categorized by type (for example, Administration, Reports, etc.). Make a selection from this drop-down list to display a list of tasks for a specific type. You can add a new task type by selecting Add Task Type from this drop-down list.



Click this to insert a task at the root level.



Click this to insert a task as a child of a selected task.


Click to delete a selected task type.


Task Details

These details are automatically copied to new RFPs when they are created.



Enter or edit the name of a task in this field.


Task Detail:

Enter or edit descriptive detail for a task.



The number of hours to be spent on the task.



Select the contacts that are responsible for completing this tasks.


Button Panel


Stores your settings.



Opens the EngineerOffice Help in the Preferences section.

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