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The Users - Details preferences enable general account information to be entered for the selected user. This includes user name, title, address, city, state or province, country or region, etc.




Go to Contact Record :

Click after a user has been added to go to the contact record for the selected user.


Add New User :

To add a new user account to the Users pane on the left, click . You will be prompted to enter the employee's User Name, Login Name, Password, and Initials. The administrator will then be able to enter user account details for this new user.



Select this check box to assign one of the EngineerOffice licenses to the selected user.



This column displays the user names.



This column displays a user's status (for example, active, on leave, or terminated.). The status can be changed in the HR preferences.



Select a work group from this drop-down list to which you would like to assign a selected user. The user will inherit all the privileges of that workgroup.


Delete :

Click to delete a user.


User Filter

To find a specific user of interest can be rather difficult by scrolling through the Users pane. The filter options provide a convenient method to quickly limit what users are being displayed in the Users list.



Use these options to search for users based on parts of their names.



Select one or more of these check boxes to filter the list by a user's status (that is, active, on leave and terminated).



Make a selection from this drop-down list to filter users by work group.


Contact Details

Contact Type:

Select the type of contact detail being entered from this drop-down list (that is, Home or Work).


User Name:

This read-only field displays the name of the user for which contact information is being added or edited.


Go to Contact:

Click this button to go to the user's employee contact record.


Assign Contact:

Click this button to assign a different contact record to this user.



Select this check box to designate this user as a Principal engineer.



Enter the user's name in these fields.



Enter a title for the user.


Address 1 and 2:

Enter the user's address detail in these fields.



The city where the user is located.



State or province where the user is located.



The zip or postal code of the user.



The country or region where the state is located.



Specify the contact methods and detail for a user here. Communication methods include phone, email, pager, cellular, fax, Skype, and web.


Save & Add New :

Click to add additional contact types and choosing a communication type from the drop-down list.


Delete :

Click to remove a communication type from the list.



Use this option to assign projects to a selected user.


Add New Item :

Click to select a project  to be assigned to a user. You can select a specific project or project type (that is, Billable, Internal and RFP) and assign it to the selected user. When a user is assigned to a project type, say billing, it gets added to all new billing projects.


Project Name/ No.

This displays the name and number of a project assigned to the selected user.



Select this check box to add the project to the user's My List.


Button Panel


Stores your settings.



Opens the EngineerOffice Help in the Preferences section.

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