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The Users - HR preferences are used to enter human resource related detail for users. You can enter information such as an employee ID number, employee start and end date and working status. In addition, a photo and short biography can be added.




Go to Contact Record :

Click to go to the contact record for the selected user.


Add New User :

Click to add a new user account. You will be prompted to enter the person's user name, login name, password, and initials. The administrator will then be able to enter user account details for this new user.



Select this check box to assign a license to the selected user.



This column displays the user names.



This column displays a user's status (for example, active, on leave, or terminated).



Select a work group from this drop-down list to which you would like to assign a selected user. The user will inherit all the privileges of that work group.


Delete :

Click to delete a user.


User Filter

The User Filter options provide a convenient method to quickly limit what users are being displayed in the Users list.



Use these options to search for users based on parts of their names.



Select one or more of these check boxes to filter the list by a user's status (that is, active, on leave and terminated).



Make a selection from this drop-down list to filter users by work group.


HR Details


Enter the user's employee number. If this field is left blank, a number will automatically be assigned.


Start Date:

Enter the user's hire date.


End Date:

Enter the user's termination date.



Enter the social security number of the user.



Select the user's current work status from this drop-down list (that is, Active, On Leave Or Terminated).

Birth Date:

Enter the birth date of the user. Select the birthdate from the pop up calendar.



Display user's age in years. Click the field label to get the age of the user in days.


Logon :

Click to view or edit a user's logon details. You can edit a user's logon, password, the initials displayed on reports, and assigned work group.



Click Add to include a photo of the user. The optimum size of the photo must be 165 x 180. Click to delete it.



Enter a biography of an employee.



Enter additional comments about the user.

Button Panel


Stores your settings.



Opens the EngineerOffice Help in the Preferences section.

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